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Pageflip5 online PDF Converter 3 BETA

An easy way to create Pageflip5 books from your PDF document. Just upload Your PDF file, select a preset, then download the book, which is ready to upload on your own website: Check this YouTube Video

This is version 2 with a new converter engine and a custom PDF parser which results better performance and spread recognition. Rendering of the images are now done by a multi threaded background process, resulting 2 to 6 time faster conversion than the previous version.

Password protected or Encrypted PDF files are NOT supported.
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Important Notice

Unfortunately we can't provide free PDF conversion services anymore, so we have to make a hard choice: We collect monthly or yearly usage fees, or we close this site. Hoping a small fee would affordable to you, we decided to keep the servers online for now. Thanks for understanding!


Upload Your PDF file

Choose Your PDF file to upload, the maximum allowed file size is 128MB.
Reference page size is based on the first page's dimensions. CMYK pdf, rotated pages, spreads and links are automatically recognized and processed.
Password protected or Encrypted PDF files are NOT supported.

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Changing any of the above options will automatically regenerate the Page Order preview

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Start auto flipping as the book is loaded

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Embedded (Offline compatible)
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Important: Pageflip will only run on the target domain!
Do not include http://, www., nor any subdirectory, just the domain name (with subdomain and/or port number if have any).
Examples:, localhost:8888

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Generating Page files

Generating full resolution page files, and thumbnail files.

When done, you will be able to access the full resolution Preview or Download the Ready-to-Use pageflip5 package. If you need, you can go back to change the settings.

Download Your Pageflip Document

Your Pageflip5 document is ready to Download.

Please note, that your document is set for Offline-only usage. To change it, go back to the Export Settings, select Online, and set the domain on which pageflip will be used.

You've set External HTML content storage option, which results the pageflip not to load offline on some browsers, like Chrome and the latest versions of Safari.

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Exit and delete Your files from the server

To protect your privacy please Exit after you finished working with the converter to instantly remove the uploaded pdf and the converted images files from the server. If you don't exit, the files will be deleted at the next login or automatically within a few days.